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Exploring and Photographing Historic Architecture in Atlanta

Chapel inside Westview Cemetery Abbey in Spanish Gothic style
Westview Cemetery Chapel

About a week ago I had a rare morning off and decided to seek some inspiration by photographing historical architecture in Atlanta. I wasn't looking for the typical, well-known buildings, but something more unusual. A friend had told me about the fascinating Westview Cemetery. It sounded like an interesting place to explore, and a great chance to try out a new lens I had just purchased.

I wasn't disappointed. The entire cemetery exudes a curious combination of quiet peacefulness and unnerving eeriness. Unfortunately, I only had time to focus on the Abbey and Mausoleum, and, as is usual on these kinds of shoots, I wished I could have spent more time there than I did.

Staircase in the Westview Mausoleum
In the mausoleum. The only light was from a large stained glass window in the ceiling, which washed the staircase with a bright but welcoming glow.

I didn't take my tripod or flashes, since I doubted the caretakers would appreciate me lugging all kinds of professional camera gear around. Without my tripod and other gear, I knew photographing it would be a challenge, but I was excited to have the opportunity.

As with most personal projects I explore, I would like to go back for round 2, perhaps during a different time of day, maybe even with different lenses. It inspires and encourages me to visit historical architecture and learn about the past. This trip, and others like it, allows me to relax and experiment with my technique and equipment; but best of all, I get to simply stand in awe of the art, dedication, and hard work that goes into what another artist has created.

Westview Abbey chapel
In the chapel

Historic Architecture and tower in Spanish Gothic style

Entrance to Westview Mausoleum and Abbey
Front of Abbey

Westview tower from inside mausoleum

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