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Twilight Architectural Photography in Downtown Atlanta

Exploring Peachtree Street's Architecture: Truist Plaza, 191 Peachtree Tower, and The Hub Courtyard at Peachtree Center

Architects: Johnson/Burgee and Kendall Heaton Associates; John Portman & Associates

General Contractor: Beers Russell Holder

Entrance of 191 Peachtree Tower in downtown Atlanta at sunset
191 Peachtree Tower/Deloitte

Several weeks ago, I decided to explore Peachtree Street in the early evening to try to capture some interesting photographs of the architecture on this beautiful Atlanta street. I had previously scouted the area and set my focus on three main areas that I surmised would look stunning during twilight time.

Taking pictures in the heart of a large downtown can be tricky: conspicuous camera gear and tripods, cars blocking the views, and a patient assistant in the background entertaining curious pedestrians. No only that, but since perfect twilight waits for no one, I felt pressured to get my shots at the exact right time, and to make them count.

I was able to work through the challenges, and I’m very pleased with the results.

191 Peachtree Tower/Deloitte

Facade of 191 Peachtree Tower in Downtown Atlanta during twilight

My first stop was the exquisite entrance of 191 Peachtree Tower, multiple winner of the BOMA Building of the Year award and designed by Johnson/Burgee and Kendall/Heaton Associates. Its smoky-tinted, soaring narrow windows, classy lighting and Art Deco-like facade was compelling.

Sadly, only two weeks later, the Deloitte building was targeted by protesters. Windows and doors were shattered with bricks, while explosives burned out front. After my short evening standing in front of this beautiful piece of architecture, I felt personally insulted. I hope restoration happens quickly on this elegant and notable Atlanta landmark.

Truist Plaza (Formerly Suntrust Plaza)

Truist Plaza in Downtown Atlanta

Truist Plaza walkway in Downtown Atlanta

Walkway in front of Truist Plaza in downtown Atlanta

Lit sculpture in front of Truist Plaza in downtown Atlanta

Truist Plaza entrance in Downtown Atlanta

Designed by John Portman & Associates, I next ventured to Truist Plaza. I love the rhythm and curves of the main entrance, along with the water feature and sculpture.

The Hub Courtyard at Peachtree Center

Lit courtyard at Peachtree Center in downtown Atlanta at dusk
The Hub Courtyard at Peachtree Center

Last but not least was The Hub Courtyard at Peachtree Center, also a John Portman design. Driving by earlier, I had only glimpsed the long, narrow, unlit lights over the courtyard during the day, but I knew it would look amazing in the early evening.

Exploring Atlanta Architecture

This was a very fun shoot, one that gave me freedom to experiment with some new equipment and ideas, and also to explore and learn about some of the beautiful architecture in Atlanta. I'm hoping the Deloitte building has been restored, or will be soon, as I would love to revisit it and perhaps try some creative photos inside of the 7 story glass rooftop atrium.

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